Welcome ...

... at the institute for permanent make-up and cosmetic-aesthetic skin treatments at the Lake of Constance

My name is Grit Hempel-Schuble, I have been a state-approved cosmetician since 1997. In addition, I have completed training as a pigmentist, face designer and advisor for plastic aesthetic surgery.

My philosophy is to repair the skin! Insights from nature and medicine, complemented by innovative treatment methods, immediately lead to healthier, youthful and smoother skin. I am convinced that the use of professional equipment technology in combination with high-end dermacosmetic products leads to success. 

From flabby to tight. I take great care to continually educate myself and keep up to date with the latest technologies and products at trade fairs and information forums. 

Welcome to my institute 

Yours, Grit Hempel-Schuble

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