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The Bad Hotel in Überlingen at the Lake of Constance

written by Hans-Jürgen Becker

The traditional Bad Hotel in Überlingen is fantastically situated on the shore of the Lake of Constance. A park with old magnificent trees, a wonderful terrace in front of the main house from 1828 invites you to rest.

General Manager, Stephan Kern and Director, Marc Eberhard as well as Sommelier Helder Colaco and kitchen team of Stephan Kern and Senior, Cyriel Bekkers and Alexander Mania and the entire team provide with classic dignified finesse for well-being.

Guests can choose between four buildings. There is the old main house in classicist architecture with mansard roof, clearly structured facade, shutters and modern interior. Famous personalities such as Clara and Robert Schumann, the musicians of the Romantic period par excellence, and the poet Ludwig Uhland stayed here as early as the 19th century. Right next to it, accessible via a covered arched bridge, is the former Kneipp bathhouse with guest rooms facing the town garden, with its famous cactus collection and old fountain, in appealing historicist architecture from 1905. Last but not least is the Art Nouveau villa directly on the lake. Once the residence of an industrialist family, later a nunnery, this villa still contains wooden paneling and chandeliers of the Art Deco period. For friends of a romantic lifestyle, there are more rooms in the neighboring old 15th-century town tower with views of the lake and Alps. Even the Kursaal between the hotel buildings is managed by the Bad Hotel and can be rented.

The rooms and junior suites in the main building are appealing, especially on the lake side. The splashing of a heron fountain and the rustling of a huge old plane tree are included when the window is open. Of a downright nautical character is the simple and elegant interior design, with modern furniture in classic form. White and gray tones predominate in the color scheme. The curtains are green, yellow or colorful patterns in a calm design. This contributes to a friendly atmosphere, combined with beautiful views of the park and lake. Bathrooms and equipment with safe and refrigerated minibar, TV with flat screen are up to the high standard of a 4-star hotel. Large black and white photographs on the history of the hotel such as atmospheric pictures of sailing messengers, of festivals and customs in Überlingen and on Lake Constance provide decoration. Modern furnishings in the hallways and dining rooms are complemented by select antique pieces. (A cigar lounge is in the planning stage) For the cold season, there is an indoor lounge area for tea time and café and cake with comfortable nicely styled sofas and book wallpaper. From spring through summer and into fall, the large terrace in front of the main house with shutters and fragrant wisteria growth in early summer is recommended. The view may wander from here to the trees of the park, the lake and the distant Alps.

For breakfast, a rich buffet delights you, including sparkling wine and everything that goes with it. There are six different types of honey alone to choose from, with the honey fresh from the honeycomb standing out.

In the large lakeside restaurant "Rotunde" with crystal chandelier on the ceiling and chairs in Biedermaier look and a long upholstered bench, an excellent cuisine and a wine list with selected offers from France, Italy, Spain, South Africa such as South America and Germany, especially with the emphasis on wines from the Lake of Constance region invite you to enjoy. In addition, there are wines from the Rheingau, the Palatinate, the Moselle, Rheinhessen and the wine regions of Baden and Württemberg. Champagne from the House of Roederer in Brut or Rosé can also be found. The gourmet may choose a small menu, perhaps with the main course: fine char fillet with rosemary potatoes and, to finish, the delicious dessert variations of crème brulée, chocolate mousse and plum and mango parfait with cherries and cinnamon may delight. As a suitable accompanying wine, an aromatically sparkling Riesling from the "Aufricht" winery in the region is recommended or, to start, take a finely moussing Crémant Baron de Bodman from Saumur on the Loire with delicate citrus and quince notes of exquisite elegance, reminiscent of Champagne from the house of Bollinger. Of course, the friend of a good table may decide immediately for an opulent 5-course menu with accompanying wines. For the aperitif, for example, a port wine would serve. As an entree, you can choose between different options. Possible would be a small whitefish fillet on leek vegetables with pumpkin mashed potatoes accompanied by Seegucker rosé. In addition, the gourmet can choose an intermediate course with mussels St. Jaques and salmon tartar together with hash browns, flavored with herbs on the hot stone. To this one takes for example a fine-tart fruity Riesling of Anton Laible or a delicate Palatinate white wine. Two kinds of soups served in small glasses, e.g. of spicy porcini mushrooms and mild pumpkin, warm up and open up the taste senses. A Gewürztraminer from the Oberhofer winery goes well with this. If the connoisseur chooses meat for the main course, a fillet of beef from regional production with a side dish of hearty porcini ravioli is a good choice. The harmonious balance of strong flavors may be accompanied by a glowing wine from Tuscany. For example, the Vino Nobile di Poliziano from Montepulciano, named after the important court poet of the House of Medici Polizian from the Florentine Renaissance. Its Brunello grape provides a spicy gusto with blackberry notes and mildly underlying tannin flavors. This noble drop is expertly decanted into the carafe by sommelier Helder Colaco. Whereupon the wine can unfold its bouquet well. To the resolution as companion to the selected dessert it does not have to be necessarily ice wines or a Pflümle like another fruit brandy. Like the classic Liebfrauenmilch from Rheinhessen, for example. A Porto Quinta Nova from 2013 may also serve well. Especially since sorbet variations of mango ice cream with chocolate shavings and crème brulée with currants are refreshing. After the espresso, the view from the rotunda wanders out of the high windows again to the green park to the lake and the opposite shore of the Bodanrück. In earlier times, the dining room was even spread over two floors. A painting by a regional master in Überlingen's private possession survives of this historic hall shortly after 1900, painted in the most beautiful light colors of Impressionism.

After such an opulent meal, the gourmet and his elegant companion may be inclined to quiet or talkative reflections. A walk is always a good idea. Either to the beautiful lake promenade lining the shore directly in front of the hotel park. Or the guests may take a detour to the historic from the late Middle Ages to the Baroque built, highly charming old town of Überlingen. Once a free imperial city, after 1800 a developing spa and seaside resort of the Grand Duchy of Baden and today a popular resort, there is plenty of history and further culinary delights on offer locally. A detour to gourmet restaurants in the area is recommended. A visit to the town museum in the former patrician house of the Reichlin von Meldegg is also worthwhile. Relaxing days with high gourmet quality are guaranteed in the Bad-Hotel.