Discover the wonderful destinations in the immediate area. Discover the city of Überlingen and the Lake Constance region! Visitors treasure the rich history of the Lake Constance landscape because of its variety, its favourable location, and the many acti


(1350 - 1562) largest late Gothic building in the Lake Constance area and landmark of the city of Überlingen. Five-aisled basilica with a particularly beautiful spatial effect and magnificent lime wood altar by the Überlingen master Jörg Zürn (1613 - 1616). The ringing of eight bells dates from five centuries, the bell chair from the Middle Ages.

Open daily from 08:00 to 18:00. Münsterturm ascents are possible at the Swedish processions (2nd Sunday in May and 2nd Sunday in July), information can be obtained from the Kath. Pfarramt, Tel. 07551 92720.


The most important secular building in Überlingen is the historic town hall, the oldest part of which was built between 1490 and 1494. The motivation for the construction was probably a visit of Emperor Frederick III in 1485, when he sought support against his Austrian enemies.

With the construction, the city created a befitting accommodation for such high visitors.

The circumferential figure frieze made of lime wood is unique in its kind.

Tip: You can visit the rathaussaal free of charge on Wednesday and Thursday at 11 a.m. or as part of a city tour.


One of the most beautiful Gothic gate buildings in the Lake Constance area, built in 1495, borders to the north the oldest core of the city founded around 1180 by Emperor Barbarossa.


The church, which is worth seeing, dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries and was baroqueized in the middle of the 18th century. On display are two original figures by J. A. Feuchtmayer, the most important sculptor and plasterer of the Lake Constance region.


Reichlin-von-Meldegg-Haus (1462), one of the most beautiful bourgeois buildings of the late Middle Ages. The façade cladding with rustica blocks is one of the earliest examples of Florentine Renaissance in Germany. Magnificent baroque ballroom (museum hall). From the garden charming view of the old town. Local history museum with remarkable collections of prehistory and early history, painting and sculpture, collection of Baroque cribs and rich collection of historical dollhouses from the Renaissance to Art Nouveau.


The former municipal trading and grain house now houses a market hall, restaurants, retail and the Cine Greth and forms the heart of old town life.


It towers over the Stadtgarten with the Gallergraben. A magnificent round tower of the first half of the 16th century within the romantic western ditch front.


One of the most important botanical sights on Lake Constance with deer enclosure, rose garden, fuchsia meadow, rich cactus group, old, valuable trees and exotic plants.

Visit the green heart of Überlingen - a wonderful, almost mediterranean-looking haven of peace in the middle of the city.

Access is free, admission is free.


Garden culture at every turn!

From the waterfront you always have a wonderful view of the gardens and parks. These beautiful landscapes can be enjoyed and admired in peace during a walk on the garden culture trail.

The main path, the barrier-free summer path and the eastern route are stages of the path and lead between the green sights.

At the beginning of the route, a highlight is already waiting for you - the bath garden. Feel transported back in time. Not only because of the Kursaal from 1953, but also because of the classic bath hotel and the former Capuchin church, I am towards these white benches. From here you can let the view wander far over the lake.

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